Committees & Coordinators

Current Management Committee 2019

President:                       Andrew Brook       

Vice President:               Morty Michelmore

Club Secretary:               Zac Afeaki      

Treasurer:                       Trudy Archibald       

Race Secretary Dirt Track :      Gayle Viner                    

Race Secretary Speedway: Bernadette Davis       

Current General Committee

To 2019 AGM:

Annette Vee, Guy Westerman, Ricky Nicol, Zac Afeaki, Brian Pritchard, Shaun Judd, Kevin Apps, Anthony Driscoll, David Hawgood, Wayne Kennedy, Troy Calderwood, Roy Johnson, Carl Hendrickson, Briony Hendrickson, Craig Mayne, Aksel Martinsen. 

Rotation of Positions

Under the new club constitution adopted 11 February 2012, approximately half of all management committee positions and general committee positions are subject to election at each AGM for 2 year terms.

Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are usually held on the 1st Tuesday of every month commencing at 6pm.