Facilities Update

Development Application lodged for Mick Doohan Raceway

The NBJMCC has been operating from the Raubers Road site for over 25 years to provide a safe and supervised environment for children and adults to engage and participate in motorsport activity. The club considers itself to be a good neighbour and positive contributor to the local community.  The club has been working with Council for some months now about our long term plans for the site.  As part of the process we have submitted a DA to Council to ensure the activities of the club are consistent with Councils expectation and that the club has all the necessary Council approvals so that the club can continue provide a safe environment for motorsport activity.  The submitted DA proposes no change to the clubs current use of the site.

Tyre Removal Project

In 2014 NBJMCC successfully removed approximately 13,000 car tyres from our site with funds proudly obtained from the Brisbane City Council Sport Clubs Grant program.

We would like to thank the Brisbane City Council for their assistance with this project.