Mylaps is Motorcycling Queensland's timing partner, and is the system that will be used at all 2015 Queensland Open Events and our Dirt Track Club Day and Practice Day events. 

MQ encourages riders to purchase their own transponder and subscription, which are available to purchase from the Mylaps website here

If you have your own transponder, you can download the training app to your phone, and as long as your club leaves the timing loop open, you can use the system for training at your leisure.


NBJMCC did have a stock of Transponders available to purchase but we have now SOLD OUT (as of 09/08/15).  All future Transponders are to be ordered direct by the Competitor, from MYLAPS as per the below information.

NBJMCC is using the MYLAPS timing system at our Dirt Track club days and members that are wanting to record their points and be entitled to end of year trophies, need to purchase a Transponder which comes complete with a minimum of a 1 year subscription (also 2 year or 5 year subscriptions available) direct from MYLAPS.  

We shall also ensure that the MYLAPS system is on for Practice Days to enable our members to capture their testing data direct to their MYLAPS Account.

Once your Transponder is fully charged there should be a "green" flashing light to indicate 100% charge.  The number of green flashes indicates the number of days charge available (eg. 4 green flashes means 4 x full days of charge available).  Once the Transponder flashes red it means that the Transponder needs to be charged using the charging cradle that came in the kit.

Please note:  If you experience any difficulties with your Transponder you need to contact MYLAPS Support direct.  NBJMCC are not qualified service agents and tampering with the unit will VOID your warranty.

Update from MYLAPS - registration & activation of transponders

Registration and activation of transponders

We fully understand that with the X2 Transponder several transponder types are now available, which all require a slightly different way of registering and activating. Please see the information below for some help with how to register which transponder.

X2 Transponders

The new generation MYLAPS transponders, available for all types of motorized sports. This video will guide you through the process:

FLEX Transponders

FLEX Transponders work with a subscription that needs to be activated.