Pit Bay Reservation

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Rules & schedule of fees for pit bay reservation

2018 Pit Bay Hire

Members may reserve pit bays for 2018 for the relevant fee stated in the table below.  The following conditions apply to pit bay hire and to use of the pits generally:

  • Members who hired a pit bay in 2017 will have first right of refusal on the same pit bay for 2016.  If a member has not renewed their pit bay by the end of club day 1 the pit bay is then offered for hire to other members.

  • If a member requires a pit bay for only one discipline (dirt track or speedway) that same pit bay may be hired to a member to use at events for the other discipline or to a go kart competitor for go kart events.

  •  A member may use a pit bay allocated under these rules for any event for the discipline for which it is allocated until the first club day of the year (dirt track or speedway, whichever comes first).

  • All members and guests using the pit must ensure the area used is kept clean and tidy and that all rubbish is promptly placed in the bins.

  • Members and guests must not place any shelter, bikes, furniture or equipment within 2.5m of the roofline of any permanent roofed pit bay.  If you do, you may be required to move your pit arrangement.

  •  If a pit bay is allocated separately to different members for speedway and dirt track, on practice days the member using the pit bay first must promptly clean up and vacate that pit bay at the conclusion of practice for that discipline so that the other user may use the pit bay before commencement of practice for the other discipline.

  • It is the responsibility of all users of the pits to ensure that MA and MQ rules regarding the pits are observed - no person may enter the pits without wearing covered footwear; no person may smoke and no person may carry or drink alcohol in the pits.  If you see anyone breaching these rules please politely ask that person to leave the pits.  If he or she refuses, please promptly report that to the clerk of course or practice supervisor

A pit bay is the space between 2 steel dividers and a ½ pit bay is half that space.

Type of reservation


Full pit bay for both speedway and dirt track:


½ pit bay for both speedway and dirt track:


Full pit bay for one of speedway and dirt track:


½ pit bay for one of speedway and dirt track: