Volunteers are our life blood

Parent/Volunteer Involvment

As with all Clubs, the success of our Club depends on the involvement and commitment of our volunteers. (That is YOU as a parent/guardian or helper).

Every position of this club is a voluntary position and at times a thankless job, BUT we are all here for the same reason, and that is for members of our family enjoy riding in a safe and controlled environment.

To do this it takes a lot of work on the day and behind the scenes, every family that signs on is expected to write down a family volunteer representative for 1 job throughout the day.

As of Club Day 2, 2018 there will be a volunteer list emailed to all nominated riders, every family that signs on is expected to provide a family volunteer representative for 1 job throughout the day.

If everyone just does a little bit to help, the day will run a lot smoother and we will endeavor to get 5 rounds of racing in. (NO VOLUNTEERS - NO RACING).

We may not require the full quota of volunteers each club day, But we will be keeping a record of who has done their share each club day, so the same people won't be doing twice as much as someone else.


MA Licensed Officials

  • Steward;
  • Clerk of Course;
  • Race Secretary;
  • Scrutineer;
  • Noise Control Officer;
  • Coach;
  • Practice Supervisor.

Generic Official Training Seminar

Did you know that the Motorcycling Queensland Generic Official Training Seminar is now available as an Online Course.

Please click here to access this Course.

This generic course is the 1st step in gaining an Official's Licence and it can be done in the comfort of your own home or office at a time that suits you. 

Jobs for Volunteers

Gate operator - click here

Starter (5/10 board) - click here

Finisher - click here

Flag marshal - click here

Pit marshal - click here

Mylaps co-ordinator - click here

Lap scorer - click here

Point scorer - click here

Canteen assistant - Task description to come.